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When scientists crack into Consciousness...

Consciousness - the movie, adopted from real life stories of the major characters, scientists and researchers, and their collective vision of consciousness.

Spiritual journalist Ange¡¯s mysterious encounter with University archaeoastronomers, unleashes powerful mental and psychic energies that launch 

Consciousness Team (Thomas Brophy, Robert Schoch, Robert Bauval) on adventure of cosmic proportions. Transdimensional beings unlock sacred 

interGalactic secrets of ancient stone temples. Misunderstood and feared by government military leaders, failure of Consciousness Team to meet the 

crisis would block Earth from initiation to community of Galactic civilizations and upgrade to the higher level of consciousness. Ange and Team penetrate 

the veil of the consciousness-beings, who then regenerate Earth temples of antiquity. Great science minds of Earth realize this is the leap forward in reality 

theory they have been searching for, and join to try to avert a transGalactic crisis of the Ages. Can they stop the fear-based military action in time to allow 

Earth evolve into higher consciousness?

Tag line:
Cosmic War on earth. 
ETs come to earth with Mass awakening!
When scientists crack the consciousness code.
When Earth Initiates, Galactic Civilization.
Humans transform to higher consciousness.


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